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Keeping track of when you should take your medications is a big hassle. Remembering to take your medication is simple, particularly if you have many tablets to take during the day. It’s often difficult for older people to remember to take all of their medications on a consistent basis. But now, you don’t have to worry about it. In fact, you won’t have to recall anything at all. When you take your tablets, this Pill Bottle Timer Cap automatically resets.

If you see closely on the Timer Cap, there’s even a place to write your medicine and how long you should wait between doses. This will prevent the cap from being mixed up with your other medicines.

It requires a guess whether or not you have forgotten to take your medication. There are no alarms, no programming, just a simple timercap with a timer display on it. Place the timercap on the bottle and that’s it. The timer will automatically start. This is something that anybody can figure out. Have you forgotten to take your medicine? Or isn’t it? You’ll now know exactly if you’ve taken your medicine or not.

How to use TimerCap?
timercap open

Using the TimerCap is simple and automated. You just have to remove the timercap from the bottle and then just take your medicine, after that close the bootle with the timercap, and the timer will reset automatically. It is that simple! For example, let say you don’t remember whether you took your pills or not, and if you go back to take them again, You’ll be able to identify how long ago you really took your medications. This means that you don’t have to worry and you will not do any mistakes that would let you accidentally taking you a double dose of your medicines.

timercap closed

I know that many of you don’t know about this and trust me even I didn’t know about this product. But keeping medicines in a bottle with a timer is a brilliant concept. You can add any standard type of pill to a bottle and close it with the cap. The timer cap comes in a two-pack and it is powered by a small LR41 battery which will last for up to 12 -18 months and can even be replaced.

So, don’t worry about the time or you don’t even need to remember whether when you have to take your pills. Keep the medicine bottle with timercap placed on it with yourself and when you check the bottle with the timer you will know exactly when you have to take your medications. I really like these types of items because it makes our life much easier and better.

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