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Why choose JanSport Backpacks and Bags? Well, the answer is simple and clear. JanSport is the most trusted brand making backpacks since 1967. All the JanSport Backpacks and Bags are made with high-quality fabric and 100% pure polyester. It has a vibrant and bright color and I am 99.9% sure that once you purchased this backpack you will never regret it.

The quality of the bag is excellent & amazing. JanSport provides 4 different types of backpacks of different sizes. For example mini backpacks, small backpacks, medium backpacks & large backpacks. Whether you are going to school, or on-campus, going outdoor, or traveling to hills or mountains. JanSport got you covered with their Backpacks and Bags.

And one thing I forgot to mention is that all the JanSport Bags come with a lifetime warranty. So don’t worry and carry your backpacks or bags with confidence, knowing JanSport will repair or replace your backpacks.

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JanSport brand is known for its superior quality and out-of-this-world customer service. But what you might not know is its history. And as if quality and customer service alone words enough to make you fall in love, wait until you hear the JanSport Story.

Skip Yowell (Co-founder | JanSport) writes in his book the hippie guide to climbing the corporate ladder and other mountains, that the history of JanSport plays out much like a movie. A small family business armed with an idea works out of a transmission shop and ultimately becomes one of the world’s most recognized brands. Skip’s cousin Murray had visions of building a better frame pack and selling them to climbers. He invented the frame and asked his girlfriend Jan to sew the pack, in exchange he’d name the company after her. But she had to marry him too.

Having a strong love for the outdoors products were born out of their own needs, like when they got caught in the blizzard in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Only one picture was taken before the camera froze in the five below temperatures, and they nearly froze to their traditional A-Frame Tent wasn’t cutting it. What they needed was an igloo but what they invented was the dome tent.

An industry revolutionized by three self-proclaimed hippies. As Skip tells it they had no business plan no special training even less money no store just Murray’s innovative design, Jams skill, and Skip’s instincts and love of people. Founded in 1967 on the principles of getting out and discovering life for yourself. To own JanSport is to own a piece of Americana, don’t a piece of a dream.

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