Salt Gun by BUG-A-SALT 3.0


Bugs. They have a stronghold on the planet, and they are disgusting and nasty, and they go all over our food if we eat outdoors. We have them invading both our picnics and our houses. This insanity needs to come to a stop. In the end, it’s either they control the globe, or we rule the world, and this is a full-scale battle. It’s time for some A-Salt! The Bug-a-Salt Salt Gun fires salt pellets at bugs, causing them to flee and stay away from our meal.

What about the ammo? It’s just regular table salt. You load the pistol with ordinary table salt that you may already have in your cupboard at home, cock the gun, remove the safety, and squeeze the trigger. The insect salt cannon will then fire a tiny amount of salt in the direction of whatever you’re aiming at. It is entirely powered by air and does not need the usage of batteries.

Salt Gun by BUG A SALT
Salt Gun by BUG A SALT 1

This Salt Gun will kill various insects, including flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs, and more. Bugs, you’re on your way down! Fire off a few rounds, and you’ll be able to capture bugs in mid-flight. We all hate pests, so this handy salt cannon is an excellent present, plus it comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

Salt Gun by BUG A SALT 2

In comparison to earlier versions, this bug-a-salt salt cannon fires a greater amount of salt to fight even larger bugs in the outdoors. The device, which is 21.6 inches in length, 7.4 inches in height, and 2.9 inches in width, is non-toxic.

Check out the video below to see the Bug-a-Salt salt gun in action, designed to combat bugs and other pests.

More Information About Salt Gun

Product Name: BUG-A-SALT Yellow 3.0

The BUG-A-SALT 3.0 is specifically tailored to the needs of the severe fly hunter with custom improvements such as the cross-bolted safety, trigger redesign, and Patridge sight.
3.0 model features new Cross Bolt Safety. For example, Once it’s on, it’s on. Once it’s off, it’s off. You are now free to Rapid Fire.
The 3.0 model is excellent for eradicating flies in hard-to-reach spots such as windows, screens, or blinds. The salt spray will not damage furniture, paint, or window screens.
The barrel on the 3.0 model has been lifted, and the Patridge sight added for highly accurate shooting.
Improved, mode durable salt hopper makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.

Operating the BUG-A-SALT is very simple. Table salt is loaded into the hopper.
You cock the gun by sliding the handle towards you. This Salt Gun will engage the pop-up sight (indicating the gun is ready to fire). Slide the handle all the way forward, release the safety – and you are ready to aim, pull the trigger & fire. If you are not accustomed to shooting/throwing anything at a target, you will need to invest some time in practicing how to aim.

BUG-A-SALT Salt Gun Code of Conduct:

  • Do not point the BUG-A-SALT Salt Gun at anyone!
  • Treat your BUG-A-SALT Salt Gun as a loaded weapon.
  • Do not point the BUG-A-SALT Salt Gun at family pets! Your pets or anyone else’s pets.
  • For use on pest insects only! No butterflies, praying mantises, dragonflies, or the like are to be targeted with this device.

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