StepNpull Foot Door Opener


Sometimes, when you go to the public bathroom and come out after washing your hand with touchless water faucets, automatic soap dispenser, and automatic hand dryer or toilet paper dispensers. But then when you reach the toilet door, you still have to place your freshly cleaned hands to that door handle to unlock and go out but it’s very weird to touch the bathroom door because if we touch it, it will reverse everything what you just did with washing your hands. These innovative foot door openers, known as the StepNPull, enable you to leave the toilet without having to use your hands. They should be placed on every public restroom door, as soon as possible!

StepNpull Setup

How to Install StepNpull

StepNpull hands-free door opener is a DIY (Do It Your Self) that can be easily installed on any non-latching inward opening door within 5 minutes or less. First, you just have to do a mark with a pen, place StepNpull and screw them with the screwdriver. Not to worry when you get this product you will also get 3 screws. It’s a perfect technique to prevent bacteria, viruses like coronavirus, or germs on public doorknobs. Once installed you don’t have to worry about touching the door handles with your hands, just push it with the door to go out. I really like these times of items that are unique and easily available.

StepNpull foot door opener is made with 70% recycled aluminum, it’s American Disability Act (ADA) Compliant and available in 6 different colors (Silver, Black, Gold, Copper, Red, Blue). An installation instruction card is also available in the pack, 1 StepNpull, 3 screws, and if once properly followed you will be able to install this eye-catching foot hangle in under 5 minutes.

You can install this DIY (Do It Yourself) kit on any available door for eg. bathroom doors, bedroom doors, hospital doors, school doors, or any type of office to prevent the spread of any virus or germs. The most in-demand hands-free door opener on the market which can be installed in under 5 minutes, increase accessibility, and reduces cost.

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