Pocket Shot: Powerful Circular Slingshot


The Pocket Shot is a unique product known as a survival tool, weapon, or toy used as a slingshot, a fishing rod, or bow. While it may seem to be a balloon attached to a cut-up Gatorade bottle cap, it is a small but powerful weapon capable of whipping several various shaped and sized items at speeds of up to 350 feet per second. The Pocket Shot’s unique circular shape enables you to load, aim, and fire many projectiles at a pace of two to three times that of a standard slingshot.

When closed, the Pocket Shot is tiny, being just 1.3 inches deep, making it ideal for carrying about in a pocket, backpack, camping gear, or tackle box, among other places (hence the name says everything Pocket Shot).

Because it can fire anything that fits inside it, the Pocket Shot can be used as a slingshot. However, it is suggested that you use 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, or small paintballs while using it as a slingshot to avoid damaging the pouch. Alternatively, you may use it as a bow by connecting the whisker biscuit and inserting an arrow into it.

Best of all, you can use it as a fishing rod by launching your hook into the water and reeling it back in by wrapping your line around the outside of the rim on both sides. Accurate, you’d probably use it as a fishing pole in a survival scenario, but it’s still a helpful tool.

pocket shot circular slingshot
pocket shot circular slingshot 2

An inner latex bag and an outer ring composed of the fiber-reinforced composite are used to keep the pouch in place during the use of the Pocket Shot. It comes with two different types of latex pouches, one that is the most durable and will last for up to 300-500 shots at speeds of up to 275 feet per second, and the other that is more stretchy, easier to shoot, and will cause more damage, but will not last as long as a standard pouch.

The pro-pouch is designed to be more stretchy, easier to shoot, and inflict more damage but will not last as long as a regular pouch. The pro pouches can last for up to 200-400 shots and will enable you to fire at rates of up to 300-350 feet per second, depending on how often you use them.

When you use the waterproof pouch, you can keep your ammo directly in the slingshot itself, ensuring that your ammo is always secure and dry. You can see the Pocket Shot slingshot in action by watching the video embedded below.

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