Tesla Lighter (Electric Lighter)

Tesla Lighter Electric Lighter

This awesome Lighter is an electric lighter that doesn’t require any type of liquid or gas fluid, instead, if you turn on the tesla lighter to light your cigarette, candle, or anything, it uses electric current to light up which is generated from the battery. This Tesla lighter comes with a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB charging cable. To charge the lighter you have to plug the micro-USB cable into the bottom of the lighter. Once fully charges it will last up to a week or 100-300 uses depending on how frequently you use the lighter or how long you keep it lighted.

How to Use Tesla Lighter Electric Lighter
Tesla Lighter Electric Lighter

Tesla Dual Arc Lighter

If you had a lighter before then you might know that most of the cheap lighters come with a small wheel. So, if you spin that small wheel the light burns up but you will not be going to see that function in this lighter. This tesla lighter includes a button that is used to trigger the electric arc to light up and it’s safe and easy to use. This electric lighter has a flip-top opening which is similar to a Zippo. Now coming to the design part, the material used to make this tesla lighter is full metal and the color is also similar to gunmetal.

Tesla Single Arc Lighter

Tesla Single Arc Lighter

If you or any of your relatives is a smoker, then this would be a perfect gift for him or her. The Tesla lighter works best with cigars and cigarettes or if you are someone who likes to fire paper, you just have to put the paper between the two electrodes and then just press the button. The paper will start burning. This tesla lighter is very unique, and the quality is also very premium and also this would be perfect for people who love to collect unique things.

Since this electric lighter uses an electric arc and does not use any flame, it’s windproof, economical, and environment friendly. No lighter fluid refills, and no more dumping those cheap plastic lighters in the trash! Weight is 4 Ounces. Also, I forget to mention that if the lid is closed, the lighter includes a safety feature that prevents it from lighting up.

Want cheaper version of this lighter? You can go with this Single Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter (1. Gun Metal)

DO NOT touch the arc, as it will result in a burn or possible small shock.
Take charge with the Tesla Coil Lighters, a rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, no butane, no hassle! This innovative lighter works …

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