Naruto Live Wallpaper (Easy Windows Customization)


I have noticed that many of my followers have been requesting a Naruto Live Wallpaper theme on my comment section. It seems like everyone wants to customize their devices with this popular anime series, but they don’t know how to do it.

After reading through all the requests, I realized that there is an opportunity to provide you with something that would not only satisfy your requests but also help you learn something new. I decided to create a customization tutorial that would guide you through the process of customizating your desktop and making it look cool.

I spent hours searching the best fonts and customizing the Rainmeter skins, carefully selecting the ones that would be most useful for you. After everything is completed, I then began to record a step-by-step tutorial that would cover everything from scratch. Also below are the file links, download all the files and follow the video tutorial


Now Lets Customize

After downloading all the files, you have to first install Rainmeter. Once done, unload every widgets which is installed and loaded by default. Extract Naruto Theme file and open the folder. Now you will see 2 folder with name SmallCleanWeather and Thomo. Select both the folder and right clock and select Cut. Now go to Documents – Rainmeter – Skins then right click and select paste.

Go to the theme setup folder again and there you will see Nexus Dock Icons & Settings folder, open it and select the folder with name icons and right click and select cut once again. Now go to Local Disk C:\ then right click and select paste.

Open Rainmeter from the taskbar and click Refresh button first then load all the widgets and place them on the position you like. Install Winstep Nexus Dock by going to Download folder. Once install open NeXus preferences from the taskbar and go to Advanced and click on Restore. Navigate to local disk C:\icons and select wsbackup.wbk.

Finally install Lively Wallpaper and go to the theme setup folder one last time. There you will see a zip file with name Naruto Uzumaki (Drag & Drop to Lively Wallpaper).zip. Drag and drop the zip file to the lively wallpaper.

See, its very simple to customize your desktop and make it look awesome. Also i need to mention this that if SmallCleanWeather won’t work then you need to replace the api key by editing the text file. Here is the new API key for SmallCleanWeather.

Small Clean Weather API Key ➡️ 21d8a80b3d6b444998a80b3d6b1449d3

If you are still having issue place the widgets or if you have any other issue then follow the step by step tutorial that I specially made for you.

How To Setup & Customize NARUTO Theme

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