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This is one of the most requested themes that I mostly get on my YouTube video comment. So I am going to present you beautiful & unique Valorant live wallpapers that you can install & activate via Lively Wallpaper on PC & if you want to set the same live wallpaper on your android device then you can do that too.

Astra VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Astra is a joyful & energetic valorant agent who doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking her mind. Also when it comes to expressing herself, she is fairly straightforward, and friendly banter is definitely her go-to style. She appears to have a fondness for liveliness and dislikes it when people and places lack ‘color’ or ‘personality.’

Breach VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Breach is a tall man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, a mustache, and a beard. His metal arms, made of carbon steel with titanium plating, stand out the most. He’s dressed in a green vest that covers a black shirt with a red logo of a horned demon. In addition, the Swede has a large tattoo on his chest. He’s dressed in green pants with holsters on both sides, and he’s wearing boots.

Cypher VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Cypher is constantly gathering secrets, information, and intel, and has even managed to recover everyone’s passwords in the VALORANT Protocol. He keeps the majority of this information to himself, ensuring that no one discovers it and only revealing what he knows for a fee. In contrast to how well he knows his allies, they don’t know much about him, and he prefers it that way.

Jett VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Jett is a fair-skinned, short girl who is the smallest VALORANT agent before Neon’s arrival. She has white hair that she ties in a bun at the back. Her eyes are a blue color, and she appears to be wearing eyeliner. Jett’s armor contains several wind-related symbols, such as the swirl on her right shoulder pad. Her blue sleeveless jacket has a stylized depiction of the Tailwind logo through some clouds.

Killjoy VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Killjoy is a young German woman with slick dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is frequently seen wearing a padded yellow jacket with a blue interior, purple “X” patches on either shoulder and a green beanie-like hat. She is dressed in a grey shirt with a rising bars graphic underneath her jacket. She wears round glasses with black outlines, silver hoop earrings in either ear and green shoes that look like Converse Chuck Taylors with silver toes and loose tongues. Her hands are covered by a pair of black gloves with blue straps that expose her ring and pinkie fingers. She is dressed in black ripped skinny jeans with a green strap on her left thigh that is also connected to a fanny pack.

Omen VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Omen is dressed in grey armor, black leggings, and a hooded purple cape. His arms are bandaged, but he never reveals his true self beneath them. His face is hidden beneath his cowl, leaving only three bright blue slits visible.

Phoenix VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Phoenix is a young Afro-British man with dark skin who wears a black long sleeve shirt with a white Phoenix logo underneath his white jacket. He’s dressed in dark baggy slacks with bullet shell-holding straps and black sneakers with white soles and orange laces. On the inside of his jacket, there is a brightly colored light. His dreadlocks are short and black, with bright orange-colored tips and shaved sides. Phoenix’s features are unmistakably sharp, with a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones. Gold earrings and a ring with a crown insignia that matches the patch on the right shoulder of his jacket complete his ensemble.

Raze VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Raze is a brown-skinned woman who wears her orange cap backward and wears her headphones all the time. Her hair is braided numerous times and fastened in place with gold-colored hair rollers. She’s dressed in an orange sleeveless shirt that bares her midriff and is covered by a chest plate with the word ‘BOOM’ spray-painted on the front. She wears dark-colored leggings with a spatter of paint on the left thigh, which she holds in place with a strap that holds her paint shell grenades.

Reyna VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Reyna’s long hair is frequently tinted purple around the edges. Her piercing purple eyes give her a terrifying appearance, almost as if she were a beast. Wearing a purple skin-tight suit with only one arm covered and the other bare, she is relatively exposed. When she utilizes her radiant powers, her bare arm exposes a series of distinctive tattoos that glow. She’s dressed in purple boots with plating that covers her entire leg except for her right thigh, which is uncovered.

Sage VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Sage is a tall, fair-skinned woman with incredibly long black hair that falls to her knees. Her inner clothes are black, and her outer, looser clothes are white. Green is also used as a collar, belt, and design on her outerwear. She accessorizes with green orbs that she wraps around her lower torso and smaller orbs that she wears as earrings.

Skye VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Skye is shown sporting a green headband, earrings on both ears, gloves, and a body armor vest over which she is wearing a green tank top. She’s dressed in long cargo trousers with kneepads, boots, and a utility belt with a pouch on her left leg. She also wears two leaf pendants on her bead necklace around her neck, which contrast with her green and nature-inspired outfit. Skye’s right arm is scarred, and she wears a sleeve that covers her left forearm. She’s also incredibly muscular, owing to a woodland lifestyle that has hardened her.

Sova VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Sova has a fair complexion and beautiful golden hair that reaches his shoulders. His right eye is bionic and has blue lenses. He is seen sporting a dark blue cape with a white leaf-shaped insignia on the left shoulder and an X-shape on the back, as well as a fur-lined coat suitable for the frigid weather of his home. His owl drone rests against his left forearm, and he wears archery leather gloves. His bow is slung across his back and is easily accessible. His boots take on an owl-like appearance. He has a hunting knife strapped against his left calf and a quiver of shock darts on the side of his right leg.

Yoru VALORANT Live Wallpaper

Yoru’s hair is spiked and comes in two colors of blue, one mild and the other much darker. He has a slit in his left eyebrow and a black ear piercing on the lobe of either ear. His distinctive blue jacket, which features two spikes on both shoulders, an orange insignia showing a skull imprinted on the shoulders, and a wolf-like logo imbedded on the back, is the most noticeable part of his uniform. He’s also dressed in black, with black pants and black shoes.

Hope you like this awesome valorant wallpapers…

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