Pokemon Live Wallpaper


Pokemon is a popular anime series that you can still watch on the Voot kids app which is available on the play store. In the early days, the pokemon series streamed daily at 5:30 pm on the cartoon network channel, and still, this is the most-watched anime series and our favorite too. Currently, there is only 2 theme available that work on Lively Wallpaper, Wallpaper Engine (PC & Android) both. Enjoy 🙂

Read Me: There is a steam version available for each wallpaper, but you must have a legal copy of the wallpaper engine installed on your pc to activate it. If you don’t, then simply download and install Lively Wallpaper from the windows store and activate the wallpaper. The Blue download button presents the wallpaper compatible with Lively Wallpaper.

Pokemon Live Wallpaper #1

Pokemon Live Wallpaper #2

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