How To Make Your Desktop Look Cool

Want to change your Windows wallpaper & make it look more dynamic and cool? I combined some wallpaper with new Rainmeter widgets to give my desktop a new look as I made a tutorial on it and I am going to show you. It is very easy and you can also make your desktop look cool. You just need to watch the full video and follow step by step guide.

👇 Thins you will need 👇
  1. Rainmeter
  2. Desktop Look Cool Zip

More Info

Download my Theme Zip File because it contains all the files that are required to move and install on your system. The file is a normal Rainmeter widget that has to be copied and then you just have to activate the widgets by following the tutorial.

If you activate the widget and see the color won’t change to white it means that you have not moved the folders to Documents -> Rainmeter -> Skins folder. Please skip to the video to 2 minutes 52 seconds and follow the steps again.

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