Make Windows 11 Look Like macOS


So, I know that you guys like macOS Operating System, but the issue is we don’t have the official resource to install macOS on our Windows 11 PC, but we can do some crazy stuff on our pc to make windows 11 look like mac. You just have to follow the tutorials and trust me guys it is very easy. Also, if you want to support me then SUBSCRIBE and also press the BELL icon, don’t forget to like, share and comment down below.


When making this video MyDockFinder was free on Github by the developer as shown in the video. Now its PAID. Also guys Developer of MyDockFinder mailed me to remove the old version of link which was available for free on Github at that time. I am really sorry guys that this happened.

Also Guys if you don’t want to use MyDockFinder because its Paid, then i will be release another video soon and also it will be Free

  1. Secure UX Theme
  2. BIB3 for Windows
  3. LIT3 for Windows
  4. My ZIP File
  5. StartAllBack
  6. My Dock Finder (Now PAID & Available on Steam)
  7. Rainmeter
  8. Bluesh

  1. StartAllBack – now paid!

  2. Very nice but mydockfinder is now worser then before.

  3. hi i am Eanyusha I’m grateful for you

  4. i want to make my windows 11 to macos

  5. i want to make my pc to macos

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