My Favorite Windows 10 Theme


Want to make your windows 10 look even cooler? Then you are at the right place. By installing some icons packs and changing themes you can make your old windows 10 theme into this new one. The new windows 10 theme is very cool and you can do the same by following each and every step. First of all, you will need to download the files below

👇 Things you need 👇
  1. Secure UX Theme
  2. Paranoid Android Windows 10 Themes
  3. Sweet Paranoia Icon Theme
  4. Winstep Nexus Dock
  5. Winstep Nexus Dock Settings
  6. Old New Explorer
  7. StartIsBack
  8. paranoidOrbs
  9. Breeze Cursors for Windows
  10. Wallpaper

Steps to Follow -> Create a restore point because we are going to install a third-party theme on our Windows system. Later you can switch back to the old Windows 10 theme if you want by using System Restore. By the way, I have shown each and every step in my tutorial so you can watch and follow the steps to install new Windows 10 Theme

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  1. Paranoia icon themes that I downloaded from this website is different with one that applied in the video. How can I get or how can I install these icon pack and make my icons like in the video?

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