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Guys thanks a lot for your support in my last video, now today I am presenting you the coolest spiderman mysterio smoke edition live wallpaper desktop setup. I know that I wont reply to your comment but trust me guys I read your comments and try to lighter the theme setup file so it wont consumes to much ram or cpu. By the way live wallpaper is optional there is also static normal wallpaper which you can apply on your desktop. If you watched my previous video then you know that I use rainmeter and its mandatory in this setup too. Watch the tutorial and setup the desktop like mine πŸ™‚

API KEY: 21d8a80b3d6b444998a80b3d6b1449d3

  1. Excellent Work! I actually like every wallpapers you made uo till now, but i can’t put it in my dekstop. I play lots of pc games most of the time, so it might be a problem for me if the am not able use my pc’s full performance potential.
    Keep doing what you are doing. Best wishes! Cheer’s.

  2. Your themes are just awesome brother i always waity for your new themes videos :))

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