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Whats up guys, Here is the new video on how to make your windows look like macOS. Also as i mentioned in my previous video that mydockfinder is now paid, many of you guys commented that you want free alternatives and also i told you guys that i will release another video to make windows look like macOS.

This time we will not modify any system files using any software (eg. Ultra UX Theme Patcher). This is the lighter version and also its very easier to remove. So lets start, You need the all theme files so download from the below link.

Download macOS Theme for Windows
  1. Rainmeter
  2. macOS Theme <- Zip File
  3. Nexus Dock
  4. WinLaunch

Download the file from the above link and setup the theme as shown in my video. Its very easy and as i said earlier that it also very easy to remove.

Optional Software for macOS Theme
  1. Aerial (Top Bar Customize)
  2. Bluesh

  1. 5 stars working

  2. can you create small macOS Cursor plz??

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