How To Make Desktop Look Awesome #14


Why use Live Wallpaper when you can make your desktop look awesome with only rainmeter and a simple wallpaper. If you check my YouTube library then you know that in almost all videos i use Lively Wallpaper. So I was thinking that is it possible to customize Windows 10 / 11 and make it look cool with just 1 software?

In this tutorial i will showing you how it is easy to customize your desktop and make it look cool. Yes you will need Rainmeter and my theme setup folder also. The following are the rainmeter skins (Android Pie Style Clock and Quantum Dock) which is required and both the skins are available for free.

How to Setup Theme?

Well its very easy. First download and extract Theme Setup and there you will see wallpaper. Apply the wallpaper. Now install rainmeter and unlock every widget that is install automatically. Install Quantum Dock and customize it. You can also add or remove icons from the quantum dock. Now finally install Android Pie Style Clock and customize the skins by editing internal files using notepad. Also the clock weather will not work, you will need api key which you can get for free (personal use only)

Get Your Own API Key: WeatherBit

Once you got your very own WeatherBit api key, then you need to copy and paste the api key to the file and refrest it. Now your Clock with weather will work normally.

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