This is the Best Demon Slayer Desktop Setup


Hello guys, I saw that most of you guys have commented on my old videos that you need demon slayer setup video. So here is the latest video with demon slayer setup theme. Originally the wallpaper is created by 大污师!you can checkout in steam, and yes the wallpaper is available in wallpaper engine so if you have wallpaper engine then you can skip the lively wallpaper installation steps. I do lively wallpaper steps in my video because its free and available to everyone. I will also give the official wallpaper link in website so you can easily checkout. This windows theme setup is of anime lovers. I hope you like it.

If you have legit wallpaper engine install from steam and dont want to install lively wallpaper then here is the like for steam version -> Zenitsu Agatsuma Live Wallpaper

API Key = 21d8a80b3d6b444998a80b3d6b1449d3

  1. Android version pls

  2. nice wallpapers

  3. nice wallpapers biggest anime fan

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