This is the BEST Desktop Customization (Simple & Easy)


Present you guys the simple and easiest way to customize your desktop and make it look cool & awesome. You guys only need the live wallpaper, screen styler and monstercat visualizer. Once downloaded all these files, you just have to install them each one by one and config the widgets in screenstyler. That’s it, see how its easy and simple. Watch my video and you will know how its easy to customize your desktop and make it look awesome.

Download Files & Wallpapers

  1. Thank you , this is realy the best DeskTop customization I have ever seen .

  2. hello, can you make cobra theme

  3. The screen looks very nice in the video!

    Can I use Wallpaper Engine instead of Live Wallpaper? Since I got it on Steam.

  4. your wallpaper choice is just amazing.

  5. i removed all the files still there is one pop up every time I start my device something related to screenstyle with a ? in that pop up can u help me out….

  6. show. hugs from brazil

  7. Thanks you verry much !


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